About Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics was founded in April 1990 to supply cables, connectors and related accessories to various communication markets. It was known from the outset that we wanted to offer something more than our competitors, and we began by asking ourselves what predicaments agitated us when dealing with a business issue. What follows are just some examples of our findings.

How many times have you made a phone call with a problem in hand, only to end up waiting for what seems an endless amount of time after having been told you will be rung back very shortly?

If an amount of time was expressed in the very beginning and this time could be adhered to, would you not feel at peace and able to go on?

How many times have you needed a service or product and, although you have placed many fruitful orders with the supplier before, you appear to be penalised for the single item in need at the time?

Whilst it's true that set up costs exist, we believe in demonstrating a commitment to our customers.

How many suppliers take the time to ensure that the details of your order are correct so as to ensure that problems don't arise further down the line?

We believe in getting things right first time. By understanding the product completely, we can ensure that the order specification is appropriate, so as to eliminate the need for rectification work later.

How many times have you been close to deadline only to find that the goods have been received damaged because the carton that they were shipped in was not adequate enough to protect them whilst in transit?

This one example alone just highlights how easy it is for a simple thing to let you down. It is for that reason we use double skinned cartons when the weight of the goods could become a liability to our services.

Cobra simply want to serve you well, to supply the goods and services to suit your requirement, to give it to you at a competitive price and to give it to you on time.

Cobra Electronics is fully compliant with PCI DSS version 3.2 (Certificate).