Products and Services

Cobra Electronics is a supplier of cable components and accessories and a manufacturer of cable assemblies designed to customer specifications. The raw materials used are carefully selected - every component is used for a reason and therefore needs to be able to perform as required.


The connector range that we offer is carefully selected from various European manufacturers to achieve and retain optimal mechanical and electrical performance. In most cases, the overall finished product will far out-perform the customer's requirement. Should a customer require an assembly that needs to meet a higher specification or performance then the connectors, cable and strain relief can be sourced specifically for this purpose.

A full connector range can be catered for starting with the common BNC, TNC, N Type, FME and UHF families right through to sub miniature ranges such as the SMA, SMB, SMC and MCX, continuing onwards to the micro miniature range of SSMB, MMCX, etc...

We would welcome the opportunity to supply you with a free of charge fully working sample made to your specification and tested - just give us a call!


As with our connectors, the cable used within an assembly is selected to perform precisely to your requirements. Cobra Electronics can supply to your needs using cable such as RG58/59, URM Types right through to High Temperature cables such as RG178/179/188/316 and double-screened versions like RG316D and RG400. We source our cables from companies dedicated in their field to produce a quality product.

Strain Relief

Although most assemblies are fitted and lay static to the environment that they are in, the odd assembly is fitted into an environment where movement and vibration are an issue. Strain relief can help protect against the fatigue of the cable being used.

PVC strain reliefs are a common product used on large diameter cables, but Cobra Electronics can also supply your assembly with thin/thick walled heat-shrink, adhesive lined heat-shrink, or any other method that you specify.


Cobra Electronics offers several ways to identify your assemblies. Two of the most common ones that are used are "marked" heat-shrink or self-laminating wrap-around label. The choice is yours and the identification can be made on the heat-shrink that covers the point of strain relief or simply placed in a designated area of the cable.


At Cobra Electronics testing is not an option; all assemblies supplied will have at least been tested for continuity, and that means 100%. We go on the scenario that an engineer could take an assembly from their stock inventory and be on their travels to a destination many miles away, only to find upon arrival that it does not work. Testing anything less than the full 100% could possibly place that person in that situation.

Along with the testing for continuity we also offer insulation testing up to a 1000 volts DC. This is a very valid test as it checks that the insulation, i.e. the dielectric on a cable, has not been damaged whilst going through its termination process.

Another test that we can offer is an individual torque test to a specified measurement on the interface of the coaxial connector, making sure that the mating procedure is not going to cause a failure. This procedure is normally undertaken when in special cases the connector needs to be secured tighter than the specifications laid out by the manufacturer.

Along with the above testing procedures, Cobra Electronics carries out many other tests as a matter of course. For example, connectors are visually checked for plating or mating defects, and once terminated they are checked for retention defects.

Cables are checked visually for damage and that their measurements are in accordance to the specifications laid out by the manufacturer.

Apart from the electrical testing that takes place once an assembly has been made, a full visual check is given to the assembly, making sure that the desired length has been achieved, that all markings and heat-shrink has been placed as per customer instructions and in general that the overall product would be acceptable by the customer.

Cobra simply want to serve you well, to supply the goods and services to suit your requirement, to give it to you at a competitive price and to give it to you on time.