SMA Reverse Polarity Crimp Plug LMR400

SMA Reverse Polarity Crimp Plug LMR400

This product may also be known as:
LMR400 SMA Reverse Polarity Male connector
SMA Reverse Polarity Male connector LMR400
LMR400 connector SMA Reverse Polarity
LMR400 SMA Reverse Polarity connector
SMA Reverse Polarity connector for LMR400
LMR400 SMA connector

Part no: 106.12C.303
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Product Information

SMA Reverse Polarity Crimp Male LMR400

Body: Brass / Nickel Plated

Contact: Brass / Gold Plated

Insulator: PTFE

Recommended Crimp Tool: 900-020 Ratchet Crimp Tool LMR400

Please Note: 
A Standard RG213 Crimp Tool will not Crimp this connector correctly. Although the Outer Ferrule remains
the same in dimension the Center Contact requires the use of a 2.99mm A/F Hex.

If this Termination is going to be a "One time application" and you have a Standard RG213 tool then we
suggest you Solder the contact on and use the tool solely for the Ferrule.

Product Data
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Unit of sale: Each
Supplied as: Single / Bulk
Weight: 15g
Suitable Cables

Belden 7810A, 7810R, 7810WB, 9913, 9913F7, H1000
BPE400  -  CA400  -  CNT400  -  HP400  -  HP400R
LBC400  -  LBC400 Extraflex  -  LMR400  -  LMR400 Ultra Flex
RA519  -  RFC400  -  WBC400 Low Loss Coax Cable

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